I'm an entrepreneurial minded individual with a clear life goal: create and help as many people as possible.

  • - College Admission Guidance is my first project. The goal is to give access to all students information on the process usually reserved for those with access to quality counselors or private admissions professionals. The project has been put on the backburner for several reasons.

  • - The site's goal is to connect the scientific community with consumers to help people eat the right foods for their issues and desires. There is a lot of research, but it is a work in progress.

Website Building Business

  • - This is my freelance website building site. It has been a good way for me to start building a network, work on entrepreneurial skills, and make some money. Freelance web design is temporary; I use it for growth but don't actively put much effort into finding new clients.

  • - A personal website sets you apart, looks professional, and allows you to showcase more. It has been shown to increase chances of getting job or interview offers. This is simply an outgrowth of Duffy Websites and its purpose for me is similar.



SEP 2017 -


These are some websites that I have built and am maintaning for a client.

  • - Ben Winderman is a freelance writer. In building his site I proofread some of his writing samples and and formatted them for online publication. He is a pleasure to work with.

  • - This is a relatively simple and clean website with little maintenaince required.

  • - Rapper/ artist based in Philly.

  • - This resume site is fairly straightforward and little maintenance is required.

Additional Sites Built
As Of 2/21/18,,,


Making first contact through Email is preferred.