I'm an entrepeneurial minded individual with a clear life goal- create business/ content/ products that help as many people as possible.

  • - College Admission Guidance provides unique insight into the college admissions process. CAG focuses on intangibles- traits and other factors necessary to admission, selecting the right colleges, standing out in the college process, finding the right standardized prep resources, and more.

  • - All The Healthiest Foods aims to differentiate the healthiest and best foods sold online through Amazon. With Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods buying groceries online is destined to grow in popularity. ATHF helps consumers with this process.

  • - This is a start up that will supply scrub hijabs to Muslim women in the field. Many medical students or doctors are forced to remove their hijab for the operating room. Often Muslim women will choose medical paths that don't involve the operating room for this reason.

Website Building Business

  • - This is my website building site and includes the following two more niched website building sites. Duffy Websites' rates are far cheaper than other freelance web designers' rates and I can build any kind of site.

  • - A personal website sets you apart, looks professional, allows you to showcase much more, and has been shown to drastically increase chances of getting job or interview offers.

  • - This is web building and marketing specific to small/ mid sized restaurants.



SEP 2017 - JUN 2021


These are my projects that I have completed or am maintaning for a client.

  • - Ben Winderman is a freelance writer. In building his site I proofed some of his writing samples and and formatted them for online publication. He is a pleasure to work with.

  • - This is a relatively simple and clean website with little maintenaince required.

  • - This resume site is fairly straightforward and little maintenance is required.

  • - Rapper/ artist based in Philly.


Making first contact through Email is preferred.