About Me

I'm an entrepreneurial minded individual with a clear purpose: to serve, help, and empower others.

I will shift paradigms, empower people, and provide as much value to the world as I can.


  • - College Admission Guidance is my first project. The goal is to give access to all students information on the process usually reserved for those with access to quality guidance counselors. CAG is merging with a student-run essay editing service, Write Key, and will rebrand as something new: Universikey.

  • - Foods That Help aims to connect the scientific community with consumers to help people eat the right foods for their issues and desires. Each recommendation is backed by multiple scientific studies from reputable journals. There is a lot of research, but the design and content delivery needs reworking.

Website Building Business

  • - I do some freelance website building. It is a good way for me to start building a network, work on entrepreneurial skills, and make some money. Many freelance web design services overcharge, and, so, I have helped many small businesses establish an online presence for a small one time price and no major time investment.

  • - Personal websites have so much value, but building it on your own can be tedious. I build people personal sites for a one time cost of $100. According to Forbes, “56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool."

Websites Built



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